Saturday, August 19, 2017


I now live in West Melbourne and have been inspired by several locations in the area.
The apartment I live in is white/wooden floorboards/green plants/sparse......very filmic.
I want to work with 2 or 3 performers.
some sort of narrative but quite abstract........after a 5 year break I feel like doing more refined/focused work..........honing in on the essence of a shot and the sound.
Strange? Poetic? Humour?(usually creeps in!)
Could be short.........could be extended feature length construction......could be serialized online.......
I have the smallest pro camera and am interested in operating it myself.
People have likened  my work to David Lynch along the journey and his Inland Empire film shot by him with an old Sony Digital camera is an interesting comparison to this work.
My work now develops over a period inspired by an idea/location and especially the actors etc who I work with.
A structure / blueprint is used but within that ,much creativity
Instinct is very important.

Melbourne Girls Web Series

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