Sunday, August 20, 2017


I am a generous/friendly collaborator who meets with people,talks with them and if there is a connection off we go.
I am interested in meeting performers/actors of any age/size/gender/sexuality/ethnicity.
People from other artistic disciplines including singers/dancers.
Also cinematographers/sound artists/composers/make up artists/art designers/editors.
(I don't need any of these to make films but welcome them if they come along).

who think outside the square
who want to examine themselves/life
who have something restless/uncomfortable inside them
who think
who stare out of windows
art puts meaning in their lives
who feel there is more to be discovered in filmmaking.
who have edge

tv is the new film with work like Jane Campion's Top Of The Lake and David Lynch's Twin Peaks showing what can be produced by artists with vision and a personal style.

and they capture images with a camera/sounds with a microphone......and so can we...........

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